Grieta is all about You!

A women's clothing brand based on tulle.  Simple and romantic, at the same time modern and powerful designs with their own identity and character. Our goal is to create a new way for a modern woman to look at tulle in her wardrobe. Each design is created to match the canons set by society, both in everyday street style and on the red carpet.

The brand is a dream of a young designer Krista Jegorova about modern and romantic femininity, which seems to have disappeared in the everyday rush. It is designed to complement your daily wardrobe with such seemingly unusual fabrics as tulle, lace and linen. 

We believe that women are tired of such practical pieces of clothing like jeans and a sweater and their views on how to dress as a serious business lady and are ready to give their appearance a personality. Grieta's woman knows what she wants and is brave and confident enough to stand out in the crowd and at the same time be admired and respected.

The best part about each Grieta product is that it will always be comfortable and practical. Tulle will be your favourite partner in crime for trips and holidays, as it takes its form without ironing after a long sit in the suitcase, it will allow you to move freely and even go for a hike looking damn amazing and won't leave you feeling underdressed when exploring local restaurants and nightlife.  It's your ''GO TO'' choice for every occasion.